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What is Film Noir?

Film (fi'lm) - n.
1. A thin skin or membrane.
2. A movie or movies considered as a group.

Noir (nwär) - adj.
1. Of or relating to the film noir genre.
2. A genre of crime literature featuring tough, cynical characters and bleak settings.
3. Suggestive of danger or violence.
Note: The word is French for "Black."

A Brief Background
Film Noir is a term coined by French critics that grew out of the pulp novels of the 1920s and 30s. Authors such as Dashell Hammett, James M. Cain, Cornell Woolrich, and Raymond Chandler laid the groundwork with their novels and short stories. Hollywood, enjoying its "Golden Age", made several notable forays in the style, but the themes of betrayal, alienation and obsession were the antithesis of the films of the Depression. It would take the post-World War II era to really set the classic noir in motion. As the studio system began to fade in the late 40s, the "happy ending" was no longer required and a final element was in place. Characteristics include lighting influenced from German Expressionism, plots concerning dark subject matters, and an over all atmosphere that is hard to even formulate into words. Several stock characters of Film Noir include (but are no means limited to) private investigators, detectives, femme fatales (two-timing females), salesmen, and criminals.

Opening Statements
This community is for lovers of film noir and the neo-noir. Anything concerning these subject matters maybe posted, discussed, and critiqued. This forum is for film appreciators above all else so I recommend that random people who just feel like they're into "old" movies right now to move along.

Feel free to post still images from your favorite films. Discuss the films, their directors, screenwriters, actors, actresses, and so on and so forth. Post DVD bargins you come across, post any news, or really anything you feel like.

We're also open to more recent films that have noir tones to them and some of those titles can be found within the interests (example: the work of the Coen Brothers). We're even open to discussing the style of noir that is coming back in television commercials and mass media. We are not strictly about older films although we do love them.
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