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This Gun For Hire

dfordoom in noirfilms

new film noir Blu-Ray set

Kino Lorber have a new film noir Blu-Ray boxed set coming out soon that looks interesting. The movies includes are Big House, U.S.A., A Bullet For Joey, He Ran All the Way, Storm Fear and Witness to Murder. Does anyone have any opinions on any of these movies? The stars include George Raft and George Sanders so that's enough to tempt me.

The set is called Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema.


He Ran All the Way is kind of interesting as John Garfield's final film- it is interesting seeing how his screen persona translates into the 1950s (although he looks uncomfortable in sans-a-belt slacks and polo shirts). Shelley Winters also delivers a good Shelley Winters performance, if you enjoy her (I do). It's a good "B" movie,