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This Gun For Hire

dfordoom in noirfilms

best film noir seen in 2016

Not that I watched very much in the way of film noir in the past year but anyway here’s my list of the highlights of my 2016 noir viewing.

Born To Kill (1947) - absolutely classic top-notch noir and there’s not the slightest doubt that this is noir. Strange, overheated and disturbing.

Nocturne (1946) - great hardboiled crime thriller starring George Raft, perhaps not absolutely noir if you’re a purist but an excellent movie.

Johnny Angel (1945) - George Raft again in a terrific very noirish crime thriller.

Wide Boy (1952) - a fine British noir with a splendid performance from the very underrated Sydney Tafler.

Assassin for Hire (1951) - another excellent British entry and another extremely good performance Sydney Tafler.

And while it’s a very large stretch to call it film noir Corridor of Mirrors (1948) is an unusual and exceptionally interesting British gothic melodrama with a slight noir flavour to it.